The Magic of Mgarr

Yesterday we signed a lease on our new home, a maisonette (ground floor apartment with a door directly to the street) in Mgarr (Um-Jarrr), in the North West of Malta. It was such a refreshing experience, getting to know the property and then finalising a rental agreement with our landlords - a sun-bronzed farmer and... Continue Reading →

Finding a rental property in Malta

Yesterday we signed a lease on our new home in Malta, and I found the whole process fascinating (and a little frustrating). Having participated in property markets in Australia, Fiji, Canada and South Africa (not always successfully, let the record show), I've always been intrigued by the different dynamics. I won't get into some of... Continue Reading →

Our Campervan – Sneak Preview

As adventurous young newlyweds, we lived in a campervan in the USA for much of our first year of marriage - fast forward 30 years, we’ve just stopped corporate work, we're starting our Second Half, and we’ve identified that we will spend a few years living in Malta. Somewhere along the way, the idea of campervan... Continue Reading →

Our Campervan – Start with Why

A key part of this next chapter for me, and for Jen, is to reinvest in our 30-year marriage. When it comes to priorities, I have not been a great husband or father, almost always putting work before family. This was more out of an overdeveloped sense of duty than out of ambition, but the... Continue Reading →

Significance or Seashells?

As I've shared the news of our pending life change, I've received many good wishes, mostly some form of "enjoy your retirement". As much as I appreciate the kind thoughts, every time I hear those words, I wince involuntarily. I've never been a fan of the "R" word, I'm much too young to retire, and... Continue Reading →

Finish line or Start line?

I just turned 52. I'm active, in great health and physical condition, and love getting outside on my mountain bike or my surfski. Our three sons are in their mid to late twenties, well out of the nest, wonderfully married and completely off the payroll. Jennifer and I will celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary next... Continue Reading →

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